Where To Buy Transformer Toys

where to buy transformer toys

  • An apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current

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  • Transformer is the second studio album by American rock musician Lou Reed, released in December 1972.

  • A person or thing that transforms something

  • A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors—the transformer's coils.

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IMG 6290

IMG 6290

Like i said before, i grew up in a unique place where i could buy American and British comic books easily. So, i have close to the whole set of Marvel comics US & UK Transformers issues (yes, the UK stories are MUCH better-more cerebral, not just shoot-'em-ups and toy adverts) What you see here are the first 10 US issues (standing) and issues 13-21 of the UK run. The British comics came out fortnightly until around issue 30 when they were weekly, and the US comics where bi-monthly until issue 5 when they went monthly. It was a lot easier collecting the US comics became the new issues were less frequent. Back then the US issues were $1 and the UK were 75 cents. Issue 5 of the US run was voted best cover of any comic book of the 1980s. I loved the artwork in all of them, but UK comics give more. US just has the story and a letters page, whilst the UK run had puzzles, contests, a backup story (that changed many times during the comics' run from Planet Terry to things like ZOIDS. But issue 13 of the UK is a collectors item because it is the first story written by Simon Furman (a prolific Transformers comic writer that still works on Generation 1 Transformer comics (from IDW currently)! All of these guys are rare, especially the British series (because they didn't print as many since the population of the UK is less than the US(

Anyway, i hope you enjoy!

By the way, EXIF is:

1/40sec w/flash on hotshoe and an external light source
ISO 125

White Prime

White Prime

When I was abou ten, I really, really wanted Optimus Prime. Alas he was a wee bit too expensive for my mum to get him for me. So I set about saving up for one. Being a ten year old, my saving was sporadic at best (no change there then) so by the time I could afford Prime, he was pretty much off the shelves.
But...there was this new guy, a car transporter that turned into a huge robot, Ultra Magnus. I'll have me sone of that!
So I bought him got him home and was completley surprised to find the cab was, essentially, a white Optimus Prime.
Hey, I was ten, give me a break.
Cue many games in which Magnus was the 'ghost' of Prime or a clone or spare body and so on.
Truth is, I played with Magnus the cab more than Magnus the bug exo-bot thingie. I've no idea where he went, up into the loft and then on to a car boot sale or into the hands of some friends little kid, who knows, but I've had an endearing soft spot for the fella ever since.
Maybe it's because he's a bit of an underdog, an 'also ran' failed Prime.
Maybe it's because I admire the way Takara/Hasbro can get money for old rope by just re-painting their toys, what ever, I love Magnus, he's ace.

where to buy transformer toys

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